Research Continued

Earlier this week, I found a great article relating to my project! Written by Frank Smith, 10 Reasons Flipped Classrooms Could Change Education, is an excellent list of reasons why students can benefit from flipped room. Again, I found this article on twitter as I was searching different flipped classroom hashtags. As I read through the list, a lot my previous questions were answered.

The second point Smith makes, flipped learning individualizes learning, really excites me. This is what I was talking to my brother about. If students can enter the classroom with foundation for a new topic already in place, they will be ready to learn how they know best. If they want to work in a small group, and the teacher allows it, then that’s great. If the student wants to take a few minutes to work something out themselves before asking for help, then that’s great too. If this idea really works, it is in my opinion the ultimate k12 classroom.

His fourth point on the list is that flipped classrooms improve effectiveness. The little research that’s out there on flipped classrooms suggests that students students are learning and behaving better. While this isn’t a set in stone piece of data, it gives me hope. One thing I worry about flipped classrooms is that it’s a great idea – and that’s it. It’s a difficult concept to implement in a classroom, and if a teacher is not dedicated to it, it will no doubt be a failure.

This list goes on and is definitely worth the read. It has given me a lot of hope that flipped classrooms will be something my children experience, and I can’t wait!


2 thoughts on “Research Continued

  1. I really linked that you linked your article into the blog. It helped me to really dig into what you had found. I also agree that this is a very good article and it helped to answer your question a lot. I find your subject extremely interesting and I’m excited to see what more you find out.


  2. Ashley,

    I love the idea of a flipped classroom and I always wish I could have experienced one. When I read your worry about the flipped classroom being a great idea and nothing more than that, I think of one of my professors who shared that sentiment. He raved about the possibility of flipping his classroom, but sadly I don’t believe he ever did it. I too hope that flipped classrooms are the future of learning. I look forward to seeing your final project!


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