Project Presentation

1. I like the idea of presenting my project in a newsletter. If it was typed out, it would be easy to do pros and cons, testimonials, and short pieces of research. It would also be a great way to give links and places for readers to continue research on their own. Because there is very little scientific research on flipped classrooms, I’ve found that it’s important for each individual looking into it to form their own opinions. I feel like a newsletter is a great way for me to promote that in my readers.

2. I also really like the idea of a video. Doing flipgrid videos this semester has been fun, and I find that’s the easiest way for me to communicate what I’m learning with the class. If I did a video, it would be fun to set my own mini flipped classroom and walk the viewer through a day of learning. I think this would be a really fun presentation to do and to watch!

Below is a great rubric for how I want my project to be graded. The thing I’ve learned the most from this genius hour project is that I should have learned something (funny, right?). Although there are a lot of components to my project, it really is as simple as that.



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