Using Twitter to Research

This week, I found that many of my classmates are also interested in finding out if students are getting a truly meaningful and abundant education. I think it is awesome that all of us are taking such an interest in how effectively students are learning.

As someone who is not majoring in education, it’s awesome to see my classmates (some of who are also not education majors) take a true interest in education. Because I went to high school where my dad worked, I was there from the time the building was unlocked til the time it was locked back up. I got to see every facet of an educator’s life for four years, and it has given me a true appreciation for the hard work and dedication of said educators. Though it is not my plan to pursue a career in education, I most definitely have an interest in it, and love to see the support from classmates.

On Monday, May 18, I participated in my first ever twitter chat using the hashtag #flipclass! I highly recommend this hashtag to anyone who might be interested in researching this topic further, especially on Monday nights. The two users who moderate the chat, @thomasson_engl and @guster4lovers, are incredible educators who ask really thought-provoking questions. And each person who answers is just as remarkable. Tonight, we briefly discussed how students can do research assignments in a flipped classroom. Many opinions flew around, and I found a great wealth of knowledge! Because students can perform research on almost any subject, whether it is a flash search or a formal research paper, I feel like that is a great direction to take my own project. It’s something specific I can focus one without leaving any particular school subject out.

Also, a few users tweeted different links to websites, which I am so thankful for. Knowing these sites are recommended by teachers who use the flipped classroom model themselves reassures me that I am on the right track with my own research. All in all, I’m happy to have found a community of people online who helped me narrow my focus with this project while also providing me with the confidence to move forward!


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